Avioportolano Collection

To celebrate our 30 YEARS of activity we have created a thematic collection of accessories "dedicated to flight" and entirely Made in Italy. It is an unprecedented experience for us at Avioportolano with which we want to leave a mark and with which we want to celebrate what we have achieved in 30 years of activity to date.

All the products of the collection dedicated to the 30th anniversary of AVIOPORTOLANO are already present in our Limited Edition store and available only on request.

We present three models of accessories, namely a backpack, a card case and a cover for the diary. Each item is available with 5 different graphics depicting our brand and futurist aeropainting paintings. All items are hand-packed with top quality materials and extremely resistant and durable.

  • Zaino1
  • Zaino2
  • Zaino3
  • Zaino4
  • Zaino5

  • Cover1
  • Cover2
  • Cover3
  • Cover4
  • Cover5

  • Custodia1
  • Custodia2
  • Custodia3
  • Custodia4
  • Custodia5


With this collection we wanted to represent our identity, our thinking and our vision. It is no coincidence that the theme of the collection refers to the Italian artistic current of "futurism", inspired by the nascent aviation of the 1930s, with its determined projection of life in the modern, in speed and in industrial and mechanical progress. The artists Fillìa and Angelo Canevari, in their beautiful works that we reproduce, interpret the passion for flight and speed.
This vision is the one that best identifies the soul of AVIOPORTOLANO for its past, present and for the future.
These works that you find reproduced in the articles of the collection are always a great inspiration for us, for art critics and for all fans of flying.


L’uomo ha bisogno di staccarsi dalla terra, ha bisogno di sognare, di desiderare eterna felicità, di dimenticare la realtà quotidiana

Fillìa – 1931 - Spiritualità futurista



For this very important occasion, we demanded the best from every point of view, from the entirely Made in Italy manufacturing to the development of unique designs inspired by aviation and futurist art. All accessories are specially developed to be functional to the practice of flight but also usable at any other time.
The thrill of owning unique pieces with a refined design is the hallmark of our collection that we present to you with pride and satisfaction.


With this Collection, we celebrate the AVIOPORTOLANO brand by transporting the great passion for flying into everyday objects, which is the real element that unites us and unites us all. This occasion was chosen to create an innovative collection of accessories that will accompany you in several moments of daily life, bringing with you the originality that distinguishes you.

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