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The Avioportolano database is protected by copyright pursuant to Legislative Decree 6 May 1999, no.169, implementing directive 96/9/CE on the legal protection of databases and consists of:

1) Complete and updated address book complying with the laws in force regarding private runway operators, technical advisors and collaborators

2) Updated national and regional charts on the regulatory provisions for VFR air navigation in vector format.The basic chart data contains the following information:

- State and administrative borders

- Primary built-up areas

- Primary road network

- Coastlines, lakes and rivers

- DTM Orography (Digital Terrain Model)

The aeronautical information contained in the charts includes:

a) Airports and Heliports

b) Registered airfields

c) Unregistered airfields

d) Controlled airspace (CTR, ATZ)

e) Prohibited, Regulated and Dangerous Zones(PRD)

f) Radio assistance (NDB, VOR, DME, TACAN)

g) VFR routes and instructions

Aeronautical information and the relative vector charts are derived from the AvioData database on the basis of the data distributed by Eurocontrol (EAD – European AIS Database) and appropriately integrated according to the information published in the National AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).

3) Georeferenced location of Airfields and private airstrips present in the regional territory accompanied by information analysis of that existing:

a) technical characteristics (dimensions of runways, activities, telephone numbers, websites, obstacles, arrangements for in-flight approaches, practicability, hangars);

b) educational activities, disciplines practised and associations present;

c) the presence/absence of civil protection activities and related agreements;

d) companies present and commercial activities;

e) technical and logistic services;

f) tourist services and accommodation facilities for accommodation and catering;

The information – up to 2016 - has been collected through Avioportolano National Census every two years with the Sponsorship of the Department for the Development and Competitiveness of Tourism of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, the Italian Flight Club and quarterly update monitoring. Since 2017 the Avioportolano Data Base is updated monthly to the AIRAC cycle everyi 28 days.

4) maps with location of the runway in relation to the road network and residential areas in scale 1:250.000

5) geo-referenced planimetric surveys of the runways in scale 1:10.000 with services, hangars, connecting runways, car parks, obstacles and navigation services identified;

6) location, features, services present, telephone references and quality information on the accommodation facilities (agritourism, restaurants and hotels) which can be reached by air;

7) geo-referenced aerial photographs of the runways with approx. 8 images for each structure with shooting angles relative to 360° around the runway centre at the average altitude of 500 ft AGL. The images identify the landing structures from the following points of view: in alignment with the two heads; at 90° with respect to the axis of the runway on the downwind sections of the landing circuit; at 45° with respect to the axis of the runway on both directions entering the circuit;

8) 45000 geo-referenced digital aerial photographs of the Italian territory and 20.000 of Germany with high-resolution gathered in a specific Data Base associated with the following specifications:

a) Coordinates and recovery date

b) Region

c) Province

d) Town

e) Special areas (natural parks)

f) Attributes of category of belonging and detail (orography, buildings, rural houses, monuments, wooded areas, etc.)


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