What Do We Do

There are more than 560 runways in Italy where professional and sportive aviation activities take place. Of these, just over one hundred (about 20% are classified as "airports" and published in the AIP Italy. The others (over 80%) are private runways - open and accessible to General Aviation Traffic and ULM - but are not monitored and published in the AIPs. Bridging this significant information gap is the purpose of our company and, at the same time, what distinguishes it from everyone else operating in the aeronautical information sector.


Since 1987 we have been constantly monitoring the entire universe of Italian airports and private runways (airfields and airstrips). We are the only private company in Europe that uses only its own sources and does not process those of others. This is done through specific surveys and coordinating the activity of more than 600 detectors that constantly update our Data Base. That's why we are the official suppliers of the major manufacturers of air navigation software.


The data are sent by the individual operators and are assessed by the editorial staff before being published, the information relates not only to the purely technical and safety aspects of the flight (physical characteristics of the runways, radio frequencies, availability of fuel, rules to comply with etc...) but they also cover the aspects related to the activities present and all the tourist news essential for the organization of flights (presence of restaurants and hotels, tourist places in the surroundings, public transport, facility agreements etc...).


The Avioportolano censuses are sponsored by the following institutional bodies:

Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport

Department for the development and competitiveness of tourism

Aero Club d’Italia

ENIT - Agenzia Nazionale per il Turismo

AOPA Italia - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


In addition to data Avioportolano Srl manages an archive of more than 5.000 geo-referenced aerial photos of the runways taken from various angles to facilitate the recognition by the pilot when approaching, the photos are available in our website webAAI, in Avioportolano and in the Plates.


Our database is available free of charge to companies that want to use it within their own applications after signing a license agreement, if you are interested you can use our contact form to request information.


If you want to communicate the opening of new runways not yet published or report errors you can use the dedicated page clicking here.

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