VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy
  • VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy

VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy

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The AAI Italia VFR flight manual provides information- technical, procedural (national and international) regulations necessary and sufficient to support pilots on planning VFR flights  within Italian airspace. It integrates official information concerning aerodromes, with Italian regulation about  Registered Airfields, Helipads and Unregistered Airfields.


Product code0200

Publisher: Avioportolano srl

AuthorGuido Medici

Description: This manual brings the full package of Italian legislation that regulates flying under VFR together in a single, bilingual source (Italian and English). It also groups the relevant information together into sections, chapters, paragraphs and indexes to guide the reader and to help them to familiarise with VFR in Italy, making it simpler to search for different subjects of their specific interest.

All AIP information required for pilots and regarding flying under VFR has been included, keeping the original language and translations.

Of the other specific Italian laws regulating flight under VFR, only information concerning pilots has been included, and is placed in subject order, maintaining – in this case, too – the original legislation, together with English translations.

A third part of this manual offers a thorough description – as well as of the Airports – of the whole network of registered airfields and – a specifically Italian characteristic - unregistered airfields (suitable areas not included in AIP Italia, where it is permitted to land, take off, hold flying lessons, and transport passengers with certified aircraft and ULM), for which information has been collected and provided by AAI - Avioportolano Air Information Service.

This manual also describes the content and the methods for consulting AIS products for VFR.

Standard: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) “International Standards and Recommended Practices - Annex 4 Aeronautical Charts”.

CertificationISO 9001: 2015 - AIS (Air Information Service) issued by Bureau Veritas on 11/30/2019

UpdateFebruary 2022

Pages: 298

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