Avioportolano English Edition 2020

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Available from 03/23/2020

Describes the complete network of registered and unregistered airfields and airports in Italy with information by the latest Avioportolano 2019/2020 census.


Product code0108

Publisher: Avioportolano srl

AuthorGuido Medici

Description: It shows the complete data of Italian airports and more than 500 runways, not published on the AIP Italia and open to GA and ULM traffic. It also contains an atlas of all Italy in a scale of 1: 1,000,000 and a convenient and detailed final analytical index that allows the search for the point of interest based on 5 different parameters.

Standard: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) “International Standards and Recommended Practices - Annex 4 Aeronautical Charts”.

CertificationISO 9001: 2015 - AIS (Air Information Service) issued by Bureau Veritas on 11/30/2019

UpdateFebruary 2020

Language: English

Pages: 377

Airports and Airfields present487

Maps 1:250.000: 450

More information: https://bit.ly/33kkMkm


Data sheet

165x240 mm
glossy 300 gr plasticized
matte coated 100 gr